The Greatest Gift...!!!

Fed up of my melancholy life,
I fight to shed my woes;
Trying to understand myself,
Alone I face life’s throes!

Destiny closes all the doors
And no way to escape remains so far
The life has become so unfair
I feel like losing the life’s war

And the ray of hope introduces itself
Like the god has sent his own soul for me…
He lends his hand to take me away
Like its happening as it supposed to be…

His hand guides me on a path
Surrounded by dazzling views
I thank Him for this wonderful surprise
That Reserved only for His favorite Few

The walkway is full of beautiful flowers
And the snow white streams make pleasing sounds
As I touch the ever flowing water…
It miraculously heals all my burning wounds

The Birds are singing god’s anthem
In their immensely cherishing and honeyed voice
I lose myself in their tunes
That I cannot hear any unhealthy noise…

The raindrops share their secrets
And rejuvenate my ravaged heart
 I embark again on life’s journey
 Knowing nothing can break me apart

Realizing the greatness of Love
I let positive thoughts be my teacher
My tears thanked God for his creation
In Simple Words...Its Known As NATURE !!!

© Onkar Oak

Special Thanks to  : Pranjal Wagh  Prashant Kothawade Jeetendra Bankapure  and Ameya Gokhale


  1. ब...ढी...या… आता मराठीत सुद्धा येऊ द्या…

  2. Very Nice ...Onkar Lage Raho !

  3. great snap. location konat ahe pan he


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